Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hey ho everyone!

Very warm and tasty Welcome to everyone
and of course we would like to wish you a happy new year!

To introduce ourselves;
We are Julija and Matjaz and we are currently studying and living in Edinburgh.
We both love good home prepared healthy food and we really enjoy cooking, baking, frying and coming up with new recipes.

About our cooking;
We use very simple and basic ingredients that can be found in every kitchen.
Julija is a strict vegetarian and Matjaz a little less so, hence you will not find any meat, fish or eggs on these pages. But trying not to miss out on anything, we have many tricks to make all classic recipes work without them.

Our tiny little smallish plan.....
is that in the future we would love to have a big kitchen and a large dinner table for 10 people and then we would be able to organize small dinners for our friends and family and maybe even for other people.

Lets cook this!


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