Thursday, 24 January 2013

couscous olive salad

bring 1cup of water to boil
add tsp of salt + tbsp of olive oil
stir in 1/2cup of couscous
cook for 5min on min. heat
turn of the stove and leave to cool down

now for the dressing you need:
+ 2tbsp of olive oil
+ 2tbsp of lemon juice

+ tsp of parsley (dried or fresh)
+ tsp of mustard or mustard seed powder
+ 1/2tsp of salt
+ some pepper
+ 1/2 cup of olives
+ one chilly 
+ one garlic clove
+ a slice of onion

mix all spices and salt with olive oil
add 2tbsp of lemon juice

add chopped garlic, onion and chilly

now all the ingredients are ready :)

mix all together

serve :)

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