Thursday, 24 January 2013

couscous olive salad

bring 1cup of water to boil
add tsp of salt + tbsp of olive oil
stir in 1/2cup of couscous
cook for 5min on min. heat
turn of the stove and leave to cool down

now for the dressing you need:
+ 2tbsp of olive oil
+ 2tbsp of lemon juice

+ tsp of parsley (dried or fresh)
+ tsp of mustard or mustard seed powder
+ 1/2tsp of salt
+ some pepper
+ 1/2 cup of olives
+ one chilly 
+ one garlic clove
+ a slice of onion

mix all spices and salt with olive oil
add 2tbsp of lemon juice

add chopped garlic, onion and chilly

now all the ingredients are ready :)

mix all together

serve :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

herb buns with cherry tomatoes

 :: easy and quick ::

+ cup of flour
+ pinch of salt
+ tbsp of olive oil
+ tsp of dried yeast
+ tbsp of dried herbs (basically any kind you like; 
rosemary, oregano, basil, poppy seeds, black onion seeds, etc.)

+ add 1/2 warm water
MIX 5min

make little balls 
put half or a whole cherry tomato on each

bake 15-20 min on 180-200° or gas 6-7


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Thursday, 10 January 2013

something simple ;)

cook the potatoes (about 7-9small potatoes for two hungry tummies)
give or take 30min

chop half of a small onion
golden-fry-it on a tbsp of olive oil

peal the potatoes and toss them onto the onion

smash smash smash
add some parsley, pepper and salt to your teast

smash a bit more

wash and chop the brussel sprouts
toss them into a bowl and cover
stir occasionally and in 2-3min they will start getting brownish

add some water
leave the bowl with a lid on a medium heat until the water evaporates

add spices
pepper, salt, curry, curcuma 


Saturday, 5 January 2013

A Delicious Start to the New Year

Here is a festive treat we have made on New Year's eve: "potica" 
It is a traditional Slovenian dessert, 
a walnut roll with a (modern) addition of chocolate and ground biscuits to its fill.

Making "potica" is dreaded by many as a time consuming and somewhat risky business, 
as it apparently goes wrong quite often.
That certainly is not our experience as it has not taken us more than 45min of actual work, with twice as much for raising and baking.

 This was sort of a first attempt for us, we will try to reproduce it once more
 before releasing the recipe and some more photos of the process on-line.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hey ho everyone!

Very warm and tasty Welcome to everyone
and of course we would like to wish you a happy new year!

To introduce ourselves;
We are Julija and Matjaz and we are currently studying and living in Edinburgh.
We both love good home prepared healthy food and we really enjoy cooking, baking, frying and coming up with new recipes.

About our cooking;
We use very simple and basic ingredients that can be found in every kitchen.
Julija is a strict vegetarian and Matjaz a little less so, hence you will not find any meat, fish or eggs on these pages. But trying not to miss out on anything, we have many tricks to make all classic recipes work without them.

Our tiny little smallish plan.....
is that in the future we would love to have a big kitchen and a large dinner table for 10 people and then we would be able to organize small dinners for our friends and family and maybe even for other people.

Lets cook this!